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K-Style Productions provides professional state-of-the-art live sound reinforcement services for your next show. We set up, sound check and mix your show to ensure optimum performance.


With over twenty-five (25) years of audio and video production experience, and some of the finest sound and video equipment currently available, we are well positioned to meet all of your A/V requirements. From an intimate night club setting to a medium size venue or outdoor festival, we have the equipment and expertise to make you sound great.


With over 20,000 Watts of available power, distortion and amplifier clipping are nonexistent. Passive full range (single amplifier) and active two-way / bi-amp systems are available. All of our sound systems are true stereo systems to create a three dimensional sound stage. This is especially useful when adding digital effects processing such as stereo reverb or echo to the vocal mix.


High power, single channel mix stage monitors are included in the "Deluxe" and  "Super Deluxe", Sound Reinforcement Packages so vocalists will clearly be able to hear every note they sing. High power, independent stage monitors which allow for six (6) separate stage monitor mixes are included with the "Ultimate" Sound Reinforcement Package. As an option, independent A/B stage monitors can be added to both the "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" Packages.


We are pleased to offer a complete range of Live Sound Reinforcement Services to vocalists, musicians and live performers in the Northern California Area. We also offer Sound Reinforcement for Corporate Meetings & Events. The following packages are only suggestions, so feel free to customize a system tailored to your specifications.


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